7 best bright, bold lip colours for black skin

by:YdbY     2020-09-01
Many people think that bright lipstick is not suitable for black skin, but this is not the case.
They are not only suitable for black skin of all colors, but also look radiant, beautiful and charming, striking on Brown beauties.
From the beautiful pinksto burning oranges to the majestic luxurious look and feel of purple, it is irrefutable to complement the dark skin. So we’ve road-
Tested shades from the ever-changing palette and brought together the strongest competitors, listing a range of high-end, cheap and quirky niche brands.
We have got help from various skin color testers from mahoganytoned to honey-hued.
I have become a fan of purple tones in the past few years.
Purple is not only very versatile, can be worn throughout the season, but also very flattering for dark skin.
Artist liquid matte formula with forever makeup is perfect for purple.
Before converting to a solid matte, it slides as a smooth liquid, allowing you to apply precisely.
Rich in color, vibrant and almost unchanged for a few hours (
Lunch, dinner and hot drinks are all here. .
The only slight downside is that my lips sometimes feel a bit squeezed due to matte texture, so I recommend applying lip balm after applying.
This is a bright, vibrant purple-red tone with a high pigment content, but the base color is slightly purple, which is flattering for a dark skin color.
It\'s described as a half.
Matte lipstick but feels more like half
Gloss, thankfully, because my lips feel very soft and moist after applying (
Shea butter, coconut oil and vitamin E are listed in the ingredients).
It also provides impressive longevity. I applied mid-
Sitting at my desk in the morning, during lunch time, despite a lot in the middle, it still stays on my lipsmorning snacks.
Value for money.
The initial observation of this lipstick by my testers now buying it is that it is very light in texture.
It slipped onto her lips and almost had water
Like consistency
This color, however, is by no means pure.
The intense matte texture gives her the quality of what she claims to be \"painting\", making her feel like a 1950 Hollywood screen siren.
Although my tester initially felt a little conscious about the fact that her lips were such a strong focus (
As a lifelong Brown/nude lipstick wearer)
, She ended up attracted to this look and thought it was perfect to wear it when going out in summer evenings due to its vampire/charm factor.
Again, this is a matte formula, so your lips may get a little dry, but it has an unbeatable staying power.
Buy nowMy tester described her skin color as dark black, a passionate and bold lipstick wearer.
She tested M. A.
Shade shade C matte lipstick made a deep impression.
She claims the texture is soft and doesn\'t feel like a matte lipstick at all.
She described the tone as very rich, with a slightly dark blue base color, which she said prevented it from appearing too copper, so it was perfect for a range of black skin from medium brown to blue black.
This is the smartest of all featured products;
I would classify it as bubble gum pink shade, so it has a fun, hassle-free quality. As a semi-
Matte lipstick, while it slides on my lips, it\'s a bit rough --
I like the texture of it, so I am very confident in its staying power.
This is definitely for bold and bold lipstick wearers, and probably best suited for those with plenty of light --
Medium black color.
Buy a nowMy tester to introduce her skin color, light
In black, she said she had been looking for orange lipstick for a long time and found it almost impossible to find a color that would suit her skin tone.
Despite her initial skepticism, she was pleased with Kate Von D\'s inlaid kiss cream lipstick.
The bullet looks red and my tester is worried it will make her look funny.
However, once her fears were applied, the lipstick disappeared and turned into a creamy orange, adding a funny look to her complexion.
My tester says it\'s texture has earned extra points, which is creamy and nutritious for her lips.
Buy this funny and quirky C now. Y.
O is a wearable ombre lipstick that blends orange and red.
While there is still a lot to be improved on my ombre app skills, you can apply this lipstick in a number of ways: as a separate color, cool ombre look or red and orange mix in
For budget purchases, the feeling on the lips is really nutritious and perhaps more nutritious than any other product.
Although the color really looks like a bullet, once applied, it will ease slightly due to a slight gloss texture.
Ideal for these colors
Shy lipstick wearers prefer to try high pressure, full
Bright shades.
There are a few competitors competing for the top spot right now, but making up for the artist Liquid Matte of all time in shade 501 just managed to get the highest bill.
This is a universal color, we believe it will fit in the black of many shades, the color return is huge, it will be on your lips all the time, until you decide it\'s time to remove it.
Followed by a stylish VIP half
Matte Lipstick in shadow hype, with a strict budget provides a gorgeous and powerful color pop in a quality recipe --friendly price.
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