Amazon Branded Women\'s Apparel Sales Languish, Report Finds

by:YdbY     2020-08-29
Amazon. com Inc. ’s scatter-
According to a report by Jungle Scout, attempts to change women\'s fashion by launching a series of private brands are not progressing very well --
Business research company in E-Commerce
Business website.
According to the report, clothing accounts for 88% of all Amazon\'s own brands, but only 1% of all its own brand sales.
Women\'s Fashion, which accounts for most of the company\'s clothing brands, is struggling. of the five Amazon women\'s clothing brands, more than four brands sell less than 100 items per month, according to reports.
\"Amazon has invested a lot of money on women\'s wear labels and continues to do so,\" Jungle Scouts said in a report released on Tuesday . \".
\"However, our data shows that women\'s clothing is very poor for them.
According to the report, Seattle-
Amazon\'s clothing brands have not benefited from the greater interest of consumers in buying clothing online.
Online sales account for 27% of total U. S. sales. S.
According to internet retailers, clothing purchases increased in 2017 from nearly 21% in 2015.
Shoppers are ready to embrace Amazon
Brand products--
Battery, phone charger and baby wipes-but not others.
Amazon devices such as Echo smart speakers, Fire tablets and Fire TV streaming devices account for more than 60% of the company\'s brand sales.
According to TJI Research, Amazon has more than 120 brands, about 100 of which have been launched in the past two years.
Some brands are directly related to Amazon\'s name, such as Amazon\'s basic goods and Amazon\'s necessities clothing, including pullingIn Francis, T-
Shirts and underwear
Other brands, including most other fashion brands, do not include Amazon\'s name.
Amazon is looking to boost apparel sales by introducing strategies such as attemptsbefore-
You purchased the procedure for its main members last year, which allows customers to order clothing, keep and pay for what they want, and then ship the rest back.
Amazon has also established a partnership with Cole.
Last year, customers were asked to return the goods at the location where they chose Cole.
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