build a color changing, battery operated led night light

by:YdbY     2020-09-03
A small but powerful battery night light.
Choose from a different solid color mode or disco gorgeous mode!
It will also become an excellent bicycle lamp.
Consists of 7 color LEDs and a pointit.
I found these LEDs when buying components for another project.
I have a dead end.
It lay around and was moved by inspiration.
I made a video because the photos didn\'t really do justice. Check it out.
I started with three 7-color flashing LEDs, three 51 ohm resistors, a small circular circuit board and a SPST instant button switch from the radio cabin.
You also need a \"point-
LED battery powered light.
From your toolbox you will need some wires for jumpers, wire cutters, needle wire pliers, technical screwdriver, soldering tin and soldering iron.
I found a glue gun, a set of \"helpers \"(
Bracket with magnifying glass and crocodile clip)
But they are not very important.
From the twist point-
It can loosen the 3 glue points on the side that hold the lid on it.
Use phillips 0 to screw down three small screws that hold the battery cover.
Remove the battery.
Use a slotted screwdriver and carefully pry the lid open.
It has only three dots of glue.
Once the lid is released, carefully pop it up.
Remove the lens and mirror and set aside.
You will need these parts again soon.
Connect and remove the old circuit board using soldering iron melting welding.
It is printed and does not work for our 7 color LEDs.
I removed beautiful and bright white LEDs so I can use them in another project.
In order for it to fight correctly, I had to file a little bit of its edge.
I use hot glue to temporarily fix my new LEDs in the reflector so I can be sure they will be aligned with the holes later.
Use only a little so you can turn it off later.
Push the circuit board to the leg of the LEDs.
Because they are fixed in the proper position in the reflector, they do not move around.
Make sure the reflector is installed in the correct case and the board is in the position where it should be placed.
From this point on, often test everything, or you can be very sad once you \'ve regrouped everything together.
Welding a resistor on a non-Upper
Foiled side of the circuit board (with the LED\'s. )
One leg of each resistor should be attached to the center leg of each LEDs.
The other end of each resistor should be welded to all other resistors. The hot (positive)
The battery will be welded here.
Add your switch now too.
I know it seems the opposite.
Intuitive, but the switch is for the \"control leg\" of the LEDs.
If you find a micro
Switch size, no need to modify.
If like me you can only find a sub mini switch and you need to drill holes on the reflector and cover.
Although it is confusing, the effect is very good.
The original switch is not an instant switch and cannot be used. Almost there!
Now that your \"Heat\" has been welded to the resistor, it\'s time to connect the neutral line and the control leg.
The 90 degree bent leg close to the top is neutral.
Connect these together using jumpers.
Add a lead that will go to the neutral end of the battery stand.
The leg that is tilted at the top is the control leg.
Connect all jumpers to one leg of the switch using jumpers.
Next, weld the jumper on the other side of the switch to the neutral lead and neutral jumper.
When the switch is pressed, it interrupts the gap to control the leg, which will cause the led to jump to the next stop in its loop.
Do not interrupt actively;
The switch that controls the leg will turn the light on and off.
Weld the other end of the hot and neutral lead to the battery stand.
Push the circuit board and mirror back into place.
A snapshot on the lens.
I bent the lid a little around the edges and it \"grabbed\" the battery holder nicely, but I think you can stick it back in place.
Put your battery in and screw the battery cover back.
Once you put in the battery, the LEDs will go through a test cycle that can only be described as \"surprising.
\"That\'s why you don\'t want to interrupt the hot weather.
You are ready once they show up and close.
Every time you press the button, it should move every step of the cycle the following way:ish)
Press the button repeatedly and enjoy yourself!
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