four companies offering non-toxic face paints for halloween

by:YdbY     2020-08-27
Halloween is coming, kids across the country fantasize about dressing up as witches, ghosts and superheroes, and parents are planning how to bring these outfits to life with minimal effort and expense. For DIY-
For families with ideas, paint can help many costumes achieve the desired results on the budget.
However, since facial paints are not intended to be ingested under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, they (and their non-
Color additive ingredients)
FDA approval is not required before they go public.
As a result, many facial paints sold for children contain known carcinogens and other toxins that may be accidentally ingested or absorbed through the child\'s skin.
Some of the worst components, such as formaldehyde, O-benzene Ester, P-benzene Ester, dioxin, and other petroleum --
From skin irritation to cancer, derivatives can cause a range of health problems.
In addition, a report from the safe cosmetics campaign found that heavy metals such as lead, nickel, cobalt and chromium contaminated the artificial color additives used in all Halloween face paint brands they tested.
Many of them are far more polluted than current safety advice.
It is indeed a terrible fact.
If you would like to use facial paint for this Halloween without causing unnecessary chemical exposure to you or your child, look for the ones marked with no parab Gold, formaldehyde, synthetic dyes and other harmful chemicals
Natural pigments obtained from fruits, vegetables, flowers and other plants can eliminate the risk of exposure to heavy metal contaminants in artificial pigments.
Products independently tested by toxicologists for heavy metals are also a safe alternative to traditional Halloween face paint.
The only face paint company listed in the Environmental Working Group skin deep database is elegant minerals (
Their products are 2/3 and the toxicity is grade 1 to 10).
They sold a set of 15 paints for $26.
They also sell theme packs for $8.
50, including a fairy princess set, a tiger/Army/Witch set and a sci-fifi/Robot set.
However, there are three other companies offering a competitive green brand this year: the Abe\'s Market, which screens all the products it carries and brings sglob
The natural Earth paint has made a 100% vegetarian suit, \"animal products such as nano-particles, heavy metals, para-ester, neighboring benzene Ester, formaldehyde and Carmine \";
Go Green Facepaint is certified organic
The company went out of its way to outline the steps they took to ensure the highest levelquality, non-
It may be a toxic paint product.
Their 5-color suit retails for $16.
95 on Amazon
Com, there are 4.
5 star rating from more than 150 reviewers.
With these four excellent options, the relevant parents can choose, and now is a good time to skip the terrible ingredients and choose toxins
Halloween is free this year.
Update: Some of them are now sold out.
If you are looking for 15 pots for the party, please click here.
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