Natural Lipstick

by:YdbY     2020-09-20

Apply Eyeshadow 09 Ivory to your entire upper eyelid, gently mixing it in the direction of your eyebrows. Next, apply Eyeshadow 04 Taupe to your eyelid crease, taking the colour to the upper edge of your eyelid at the corner of your eye. Now apply Black Liquid Eyeliner to your higher lashes, operating it in a straight line to the corners of your eyes.

Finally, apply Eyeshadow Solo 02 Golden Earthin the centre of the eyelid to softly mix the colours. For greatest results, use a blender brush to complete the look.

Now smudge the strains on the higher lid to the foreheadbone and to the outer corner of the eye. The light, creamy and smudged Kajal Eyeliner helps to maintain the eyeshadow in place for longer. When smudging, the eyeliner should therefore be unfold over the complete space where eyeshadow will be applied.

Here are his make-up suggestions for creating a beautiful, solar kissed look. If you need to give the eyes an even more dramatic touch, apply Eyeliner Liquid Brown along the higher lashline. Start on the middle of the upper lashline, first dabbing inward in the direction of the corner of the attention, then turn the comb and work from the middle in direction of the skin. To strongly intensify the lashline, use Kajal Eyeliner 04 Soft Brown to attract a line along the edges of the higher and decrease eyelids and thoroughly blend it in. Then apply the white eyeliner from Kajal Eyeliner Duo 01 White/Anthraciteto the inside lower eyelid to make the eyes look bigger and extra alert.

Now use the subtly delicateEyeshadow 09 Ivoryto spotlight the inside corner of the eye and under the eyebrow, blending well with a brush. Finally, brush the eyelashes withVolume Mascara Black.For a more intense outcome, apply again twice. Apply a beneficiant quantity ofKajal Eyeliner 05 blackalong the upper and lower lashlines. For an intensive night look, apply the eyeliner all the way to the decrease inside edge.

Apply two coats of Volume Mascara Black , not forgetting your decrease lashes in the evening. Prime your face with Translucent Make-up and apply Concealer to your decrease and higher eye areas to cover any blemishes. Next, use a powder brush to evenly apply a mix of Bronzing Powder and Translucent Face Powder compact , working downwards out of your forehead.

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