Hair-straightening products contain potentially toxic mix

by:YdbY     2020-08-26
(Reuters Health)-
A new study shows that hair products, mainly used by black women and children, contain a large number of hazardous chemicals.
These findings can at least partly explain why Africa
American women have advanced puberty, and the incidence of asthma and reproductive diseases is higher than that of other groups.
\"What\'s really terrible is that, without their knowledge, women are exposed to these chemicals every week or even every day, because they think it\'s safe just because the product is on the shelf, \"Epidemiology Tamarra James-
Todd said after reviewing the environmental research report. James-
Todd, professor at Harvard. H.
The Boston School of Public Health provided product information for the study, but was not directly involved in the study.
Investigators tested 18 hair products. from hot-
Oil resistant treatment
Trim, tightness and conditioner-
Look for the presence of chemicals known as endocrine disruptors.
These chemicals interfere with the way the body produces hormones, related to reproductive disorders, birth defects, asthma, and cancer.
The researchers looked for 66 different endocrine disruptors in total.
Lead author Jessica Helm says every tested hair product contains at least four, up to 30. Jessica helm is a researcher at the Newton Silent Spring Institute in Massachusetts.
11 products contain chemicals prohibited by the EU or are marked as potential problems in California.
In a telephone interview, Helm said that the two hair products sold to children contained the highest level of prohibited or regulated chemicals.
The vast majority of chemicals found in hair products84 percent -
Not listed on the product label.
\"This is a well-known America. S.
\"Not doing enough to test and regulate chemicals,\" Helm said . \".
If the company is a perfume and is considered a secret ingredient in the product formula, they are allowed to omit the chemical from the product label.
\"In many ways, we protect the company\'s right to privacy for the health of consumers, which seems to be a step back, for the high
Risk and vulnerable groups, \"James-
Todd said in an email.
Janette Robinson Flint, executive director of Black Women\'s Health in Los Angeles, said the results of the study prove that she and other black women \"cannot solve the problem.
\"We also need manufacturers to disclose what is in the product,\" said Flint, who was not involved in the study.
\"We need some regulators to regulate these manufacturers so that they don\'t get away with it because they don\'t disclose what\'s in the product and then use toxic products.
She said the study should have been carried out long ago.
Over the years, researchers have learned that black girls have entered puberty earlier than other girls, and that black women have a significantly higher proportion of fatal reproductive cancer, she said.
However, there were few previous studies.
\"It\'s like our life doesn\'t matter,\" she said in a telephone interview . \".
Helm pointed out that she and her team only studied 66 chemicals, just a small part of the hair product.
\"We don\'t know much about other products,\" she said . \".
Helm said previous studies have shown that black women use more hair care products than other women and have a higher proportion of uterine fibroids, early puberty and infertility.
In addition, the incidence of endometrium and breast cancer is also increasing.
Current research cannot prove that the presence of chemicals in hair products that interfere with endocrine can actually cause these or other problems.
But Helm said the study did point out that they were a potential source. She,James-
Todd and Flint encourage more regulation of hair product content for black women and individuals
General care products.
Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine)
Diane van Stein (D-California)
Legislation has been introduced (
Personal Care Product Safety Act)
This will further enhance the strength of the United States. S.
The Food and Drug Administration will regulate the ingredients in cosmetics and personal productscare products.
Flint also welcomes the fashion trend of more natural hairstyles for black women and children.
\"The more natural the fashionable style, the more skills black mothers have to shape their children with natural hairstyles, and our children are not very vulnerable to excessive exposure to toxic chemicals, and have to fight against these toxic chemicals, thus damaging their immune system, \"she said. SOURCE: bit.
Ly/2w1LlxH Environmental Research, online in April 25, 2018.
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