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How is lipstick made?

How is lipstick made?


First, put the lipstick ingredients and plant base color in a large pot to heat, stir, and mix well slowly. The mixture is then poured into a mechanical roller, where it is rolled evenly until smooth and flat. After the mixture is poured into a container, it is microwaved, and different colorants are added to make various colors of lipstick. Then open the model, into the lipstick container is finished!

ydby lipstick
Ydby Lipstick

What is lipstick made of?

Oil, fat, wax: the main body of lip balm, give lip balm shape and appearance, and have the function of moisturizing and protecting at the same time

Pigment (functional material): gift lipstick different color, bring the beautification effect of lipstick

Surfactant: mainly help the pigment to disperse into the oil wax raw material, make the lipstick color even, at the same time bring the wetting effect, increase the extension of the paste

Essence: It can cover the oil flavor of the base material, increase the pleasure when using lip balm.

How to distinguish a good or bad llipstick?

Through the above summary, we know the composition of the lipstick, so how to identify the quality of lipstick, the following is a very simple and easy to operate method to teach you, quickly take up the lipstick in their own identification.

Step 1: Take a lipstick and a glass filled with clear water.

Step 2: Take a little lipstick and stir it slowly in water. Can be appropriate to take some more, otherwise it is difficult to observe the degree of dissolution.

Step 3: Leave for 30 minutes. Watch what happens inside the glass.

Step 4: You will see that a layer of oily oil with the original lipstick color is attached to the glass wall of the water. The surface of the water in the glass does not change. This means that the substances in the lipstick that dissolve in water stick to the sides of the glass instead of floating on the surface of the water.

Step 5: What if, on observation, you find something like oil floating on the surface of the water? The answer is that this lipstick is made from mineral oil. It's simply because our skin is hydrophilic to the surface of water, so the fact that mineral oil floats on the surface of water means that when we use this lipstick, it's not well absorbed into the skin. This can result in poor breathing of the skin around the lips. This lipstick can be thrown away as an option.

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