How to Do a Traditional Chinese Makeup (Wu Meiniang)

by:YdbY     2020-08-30
Introduction: We all know that a good makeup can make you feel better and more confident.
So I want to introduce you to this tutorial.
If you have seen the Queen of China, a Chinese drama: Wu Mei Niang, I believe you will fall in love with the makeup of the beautiful lady.
If you haven\'t seen it yet, I\'m here to provide you with a photo.
Speaking of Wu Meiniang\'s makeup, I would like to introduce you to the traditional makeup of China.
You can make up for Chinese New Year\'s party, make up party, or even Halloween party.
This make-up will make you a star at the party.
In addition, you will also learn some tips on daily makeup and some good products that I often use.
To learn this tutorial better, I would say it would be easier if you had previous experience with makeup.
For beginners, some basic makeup tutorials may be needed online. (
I will attach 2 YouTube channel links in the final troubleshoot section. )
It only takes less than 20 minutes and sometimes even less for this makeup.
So I\'m sure you can finish this makeup within 20 minutes of practice.
Let\'s take a look at all the tools and products you need first.
Tools & products: monthly Primer2 spray fountain 3 eyebrow powder Set4 eye primer5 Lipstick6 eye Shadow July mascara lashes Curler10 Brush11 base Eye Shadow Brush #112 eye Shadow brush #213 lip brush BrushOptional: business card/plastic spoon, napkin, Foundation.
There are 9 main steps and I will provide small steps and tips below each main step.
Chinese aesthetics: Have you ever seen some white Chinese dishes?
Yes, this is the skin color that ancient Chinese women dream.
In recent years, suntan is more popular in China, but it is still not a common choice for Chinese girls.
So please use the brightest/whitest foundation you have to do traditional Chinese makeup.
Chinese aesthetics: Please drag the eyeliner up.
It will make your eyes look more up.
You will be praised for having classic Chinese eye makeup.
● Choose a bright red lipstick and apply it to your lips with a lipstick brush.
You can go out after this step.
This is a great makeup for school or work.
Chinese aesthetics: red, not purple, not pink, not coral, not. . .
Red is the color of China, and red lips are a key element of traditional Chinese makeup.
Wow ~ Looks good, right?
Now, you can shake the party with this beautiful Chinese makeup.
Believe me, you can get this faster after practice, you will look better than me! !
Here are two YouTube channel links for you to learn some basic makeup tips and hair tips.
Both beginners and masters can check these links. Michelle Phan (makeup, beauty): (
Makeup, hair, beauty)
Finally, remember to be confident!
Don\'t wear makeup for you. You WEAR it!
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