problem of fake cosmetics

by:YdbY     2020-08-27
Research shows that many third
Party sellers have been dealing with fake or damaged items. The beauty industry in India is booming with huge growth potential.
India is also the world\'s second largest consumer market.
Demand for beauty products is also growing in India.
This is attributed to the impact of global trends, an increase in disposable income, a change in lifestyle, an increase in the number of women in the workforce, and so on.
The retail model has also promoted the growth of the beauty business. shopping centers are not only in big cities, but also in first-tier cities. 2 cities.
The mall is providing shelf space for beauty brands.
The great development of e-commerce is an important feature of e-commerce.
As online stores become popular shopping destinations.
The current outlook is very encouraging as the beauty industry in India is promising.
On the other hand, however, there is a huge market for fake or fake cosmetics in India.
Some are even fakes of \"imported\" products.
Customers who are looking for \"discounts\" fall into the trap of the fake gray market.
The Shahnaz Husain group is facing a serious problem with counterfeit cosmetics, which are sold by unscrupulous people who try to get illegal benefits from the name of the famous Shahnaz Husain.
Today, online shopping is a great attraction. There are e-
Many companies sell beauty products online.
However, one aspect of online shopping is the cause of the alarm, and fake goods or fake cosmetics are also sold online!
In fact, these are fakes from well-known brands.
Not only our company, but innocent customers are also victims of counterfeit products.
Customers buy fake goods in case they mistakenly think fake goods are true.
This is mainly happening in e-commerce.
Commercial websites with third partiesparty sellers.
Research shows that many third
Sellers have been dealing with counterfeit or damaged items.
The Shahnaz Husain brand, known for ayurvedic beauty products, is a hit area for counterfeit product sales.
In fact, according to news reports, online retail giants have promised the Indian drug director that they will prevent the sale of counterfeit cosmetics.
Fake cosmetics sold online include stem cell cosmetics, serum, whitening creams, cosmeticsup and so on.
The most shocking thing is that some of these fake products contain harmful ingredients.
The loss caused to the Shahnaz Husain group through this fake product is huge, mainly because these products are not only of poor quality, but may be false.
As a result, the company has lost its good reputation and reputation that has been painstakingly built over the past 40 years.
Customers who buy these fakes mistakenly believe that Shahnaz Husain beauty products are of inferior quality and even stop buying genuine products.
The hard work of the company-
The brand loyalty won is eroded, it may be lost for a long time
Has been loyal to the long-term customers of the Shahnaz Husain brand for many years.
According to the police, the counterfeit products were not qualified for quality and hygiene during testing.
Buying fake goods can cause serious damage to the skin and hair.
They pose risks and health hazards to customers.
For example, complaints such as eye swelling or infection, allergies, outbreaks, etc.
, Very common from counterfeit useup cosmetics.
However, the raid was hardly helpful, as the seller came back a few days later when everything returned to normal.
Heavy metals such as lead and cadmium are used in manufacturing
Cosmetics, which may lead to construction
Increase in toxins in the system.
This is why we have developed kajal, a herb that follows the Ayurvedic system and does not contain lead.
Parab Gold, mineral oil and petroleum products are also used in cosmetics, while P-chlorol may be contained in fair Frost and bleach.
Permanent dyes contain \"counterpoint\" dyes, which can also lead to the accumulation of toxic substances in organs.
That\'s why on the basis of Ayurveda, we have prepared 100% natural fair Frost without chemicals and color of natural hair of colorurveda.
The way people engaged in counterfeit goods trading work is to make containers and print labels that are copies of the Shahnaz Husain containers and labels.
They make sure that the difference in the copy is so small that the customer or retailer will not notice it.
Then fill with fake formula.
So this is a complete fraud.
The country is deceived by income, customers are deceived and fooled into thinking that they are buying real products.
When we receive complaints about certain products, the existence of fakes on the market let our company know.
Retailers/customers are required to produce specific jars as per normal procedures.
When checking the jar, it is found that the container, label and even batch number are fake.
Therefore, the company is aware of both fraud and evidence.
To prevent the problem of fake goods, we use sealed cans and cartons as well as holographic photography.
The beauty industry will benefit if government agencies take measures to impose fines
Adjustment provisions.
In order to make the existing law more effective, it should be reviewed and revised.
Strict laws should be introduced to deal with illegal acts.
It is also our responsibility to warn retailers/customers that counterfeit products can cause serious and permanent skin/hair damage.
Customers should only purchase products from authorized dealers and stores, so that there is a guarantee and guarantee to buy real products.
Online shoppers should buy products from the Shahnaz Husain online store.
Please note that products are purchased from non-company
The registered dealer will be at your own risk entirely.
Purchase genuine products to ensure quality, purity and safety.
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