Save the Planet: DRINK TAP WATER!!!

by:YdbY     2020-08-25
One of the best ways to help save our planet is to start drinking tap water.
Forgot the bottle.
Using TAPBy drinking water, you can not only save materials and energy, but also bottle the water (PLASTIC! )
Prevent all the garbage from staying in our landfill forever. (
Don\'t believe everything is recycled).
Also, don\'t forget to give you all the shipping costs and contamination of bottled water.
I re-used the drink bottle I bought six months ago in order to carry water to work. (REUSE.
In this sentence, before recycling-
Reduce, reuse and recycle).
There are many reusable options for handling water back and forth.
If you really can\'t stand the taste of tap water, consider the tap water filter, or even the filter tank.
Remember to reduce--REUSE --
Save the Earth for our children.
The best option is to reuse glass beverage bottles, but there are multiple options on the market, if you can\'t, from cheap plastic models to lexan containers and stainless steel bottles.
If you are not too worried about the chemical extracts in plastic bottles, please refill the used bottled water (
Or soda or something)
The container is over and over again.
I can\'t believe that these chemicals don\'t ooze out of many plastic containers that we often use, from personal care products to food packaging, etc.
If you have minerals in your tap water that taste bad, you can\'t stand it, consider using a filter.
These can be in the form of pitchers, simple screws on the faucet end filter, or a complex under the sink or the whole house system.
If you\'re a hardcore fan of bottled water, try this simple test first.
Two glasses of water for a friend-
One faucet and one bottled water each.
See if you can really see the difference.
Don\'t forget that most bottled water comes from municipal water sources.
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