Study of Latina teens finds use of beauty products may expose them to health risks

by:YdbY     2020-08-26
It\'s no secret that teenage girls like to use beauty products.
But a recent study released by the University of California, Berkeley, shows that young people\'s obsession with personal care products may have hidden costs.
Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, and local health advocate Clinica de Salud del Valle de Salinas (
Salinas Valley Health Clinic)
A total of 100 Latin teenagers were recruited to participate in the study called Salinas youth makeup Health and Environmental Research (
Or HERMOSA, the word \"beautiful\" in Spanish).
Almost all adolescents are found to have a significant number of 4 potential hormones.
Interfering chemicals in its system: triclosan, P-ester, O-benzene Ester and O-benzene ester.
Considering that it is reported that girls in their teens use about 17 personal products a day, the chemical mixture of these four compounds can lead to adverse health effects.
The researchers expressed concern about the effects of these compounds on the body of adolescents, as they are prevalent in everyday products such as shampoo, sunscreen and perfume, when reproduction and brain development are significant.
\"We know that many cosmetics and personal care products contain chemicals that stop, imitate or interfere with hormones,\" Dr. Berkeley said . \"
Jin Harley, deputy director of the Berkeley Center for Environmental Research and Children\'s Health, told the San Francisco CBS affiliate.
In a press release on the study, Harley said: \"adolescent girls may face special risks because it is a period of rapid reproductive development,\" and \"The study shows that, they use more personal care products per day than ordinary adult women.
\"Three chlorine powder is a common-
Bacterial chemicals found in toothpaste, hand sanitizer and cosmetics.
Parab gold is used as a health care agent for all kinds of hair and cosmetics.
Found in many sunscreen, the safety of ultraviolet rays
In recent years, blocking oxygen has been questioned in the region.
Neighboring benzene Ester used as stabilizer in many perfumes and nail polish has been shown to have reproductive effects on animals in laboratory tests.
Like other compounds, the researchers noted that more research is needed on the effects of humans.
As part of the Berkeley study, participants moved from regular personal care supplies to products that did not contain these compounds.
Only three days later, the researchers observed a sharp decrease in compounds in urine samples.
Participants found the results. opening.
Maritza Cárdenas is both the subject of the study and one of the 12 participants who helped design and implement the study.
\"It\'s kind of scary to think that I have all these chemicals in my body,\" now Cárdenas, a Berkeley undergraduate, told CBS.
In her press release on the study, she quoted the following: \"Personally, since the study, I have tried to use more organic products.
It\'s hard, especially as a college student who doesn\'t have a lot of money.
You will only get something for sale. But . . .
If you can\'t make the best choice when you buy because of cost, you can at least try to limit the use of the products you buy.
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