the difference between eyeshadow pigment and loose powder eyeshadow

by:YdbY     2020-08-31
You may want to know if there is a difference between eye shadow pigment and loose powder eye shadow and how to use them for the best results.
Many cosmetic companies have developed powder eyeshadow of different colors to provide cosmetics that are more dynamic and versatile than day-to-day dense eyeshadow to enhance the eyes.
Some have been mixed with fillers or other ingredients, increasing the convenience of the application.
Eye shadow pigment is also powder based, in most cases pure and free of any filler.
Some manufacturers say the pigment can be used as a cosmetic for other areas of the face.
In short, there is no basic difference between paint and powder sold as eye makeup, only manufacturer packaging, extra filling ingredients, and most importantly the marketing strategy of their products.
What are the advantages?
Paint or powder has an advantage over traditional eyeshadow makeup because it can be applied in a more detailed way, although it must be applied with great care, to avoid not wanting it to spill over to other areas of the face.
The color strength of pigments and powders is large, but not all, and their texture and quality are different.
Something that suits one person may not suit another, so don\'t be afraid to try the brand and color before you feel comfortable with your choice.
The application of eye shadow the application of pigment and powder needs some mastery, some are easier than others, but taking the time to get familiar with the technology will be rewarded with the amazing effects you can create around your most compelling features.
Here are the methods of applying paint and loose powder.
Prepare your eyelids using base primer or your usual dense eyeshadow.
Which one you use depends on the effect you want to get. 2.
Dip in the powder or pigment with your fingertips or a short Thorn hair brush that is dense, and then gently blow or tap the remaining powder or pigment. 3.
Tap the brush or fingertips on the lid and mix carefully to create your unique look. 4.
Using a wet brush filled with paint on or around the lid can give a bright, \"on your face\" bold look.
With a tilt eyeliner brush, you can get a very colorful and personalized eyeliner effect.
Other cosmetics for pigments can be used as blush or pink pigments.
Apply the cheek with a powder-filled fingertip, or highlight it along the top of the cheekbone.
Just mix your favorite color paint with a clear gloss and apply it to your lips.
Olive oil or Vaseline is ideal for mixing pigments and saving lip gloss.
In order to bring a bright color combination to your personal grooming, try mixing paint with clear nail polish and applying it to your nails.
The paint, mixed with Vaseline, is strategically but subtly applied to the shoulder and collar bone areas, creating a sparkling effect that will make you stand out on those very special occasions.
Value because eye shadow pigment has many other cosmetic uses due to its purer form, and there are a wide variety of colors to choose from that do not deteriorate over time, in general, more value for money than loose powder eye shadow.
They should not be confused with mineral powder eye shadow with a different color and luster.
Both pigments and loose powders can be purchased in cheap packaging in 12, 24 or more colors, so trying to find the powder that best suits you won\'t ruin the bank.
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