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Tree house Food Co. , Ltd.
Established in January 25, 2005, it is a consumer packaged food and beverage manufacturer.
The company\'s market segments include North American retail groceries, food away from home, and industrial and export.
The company produces a range of shelf stable, refrigerated, fresh and frozen products.
Its product categories include products such as beverages, salad dressing, snack nuts, beverage booster, pickles, sauces, cereals, pasta and dry dinners, biscuits and biscuits, retail bakeries, sterile product jams, etc.
The company sells products through a variety of distribution channels, including grocery retailers, food service distributors, and industrial and export, including food manufacturers and distributors of food service products.
As of December 31, 2016, the company had 54 manufacturing plants in the United States, Canada and Italy.
The company offers a brief introduction to the form of packaging and flavor, as well as natural, organic and preservatives
Free ingredients in various categories.
The company produces and sells its own label products under its own or controlled labels to retailers such as supermarkets, mass retailers and professional retailers;
Private Labeling and branded products in the food service industry, including food service dealers and national restaurant operators;
On a regional basis, branded products under its brand are given to retailers, and products are given to its industrial customer base in order to be repackaged in part-controlled packaging and used as ingredients by other food manufacturers.
The company operates Gulf Valley Food Co. , Ltd (Bay Valley), Sturm, S. T.
Food, Cains, related brands, company(
United American brandsS. )
, Protenergy Natural Food Co. , Ltd. (Protenergy U. S. )
Slate food (Flagstone)
Tree House private brand Co. , Ltd.
American pasta company, walnut clip brand company
Linette premium chocolate Co. , Ltd.
, Ralcorp Frozen baked goods Co. , Ltd.
Cabin Bakery Ltd.
And transportation housing companies, companies
In the United States; E. D.
Smith, co-branded(
Joint Canadian brands)
, Protenergy natural food company (
Energy Canada)
BFG Canada Limited
Western waffle company in Canada, pasta in Italy.
The snacks produced by the company include healthy snacks such as nuts, bars, assorted berries, dried fruits, cereals, and fruit snacks.
Produce pancakes, waffles, French toast and other frozen dry pot products;
Frozen bread products such as bread, rolls and biscuits;
Dessert products such as frozen biscuits, frozen cookie dough, dry mix of baked goods, etc.
It produces cookies, pretzels, pita fries and sweets.
It produces a series of ready-madeto-
Eat whole grains and cook them --on-
Stove hot cereals including farina and grits
Instant bag and instant bowl are provided.
It produces private labels and brands of dry pasta in various sizes and shapes, as well as private label macaroni and cheese, frying pan dinner and other values --
Side dishes were added.
The company produces a range of powder beverage blends, including lemonade, iced tea, energy, vitamin enhancement and isoseeping sports drinks under the beverage category.
The category also includes specialty tea and its single-service beverages, including the company\'s single-service hot drinks such as filtered coffee, cappuccino, hot cocoa and cider.
The company produces edible, culinary, refrigerated and shelf-stable salad sauces under the salad dressing category.
The company produces private label products sold to grocery stores and retailers.
The company produces a variety of Mexican and other sauces, including salsa, picante, cheese, enchilada, pasta, barbecue, tacos and tables and
The company produces pickles and a range of related products, including peppers and pickles.
It produces private label and regional brand products in the kimchi category.
The company\'s beverage booster includes non-
Milk powder milk essence, refrigerated liquid non
Cream and sweeteners.
The company produces jam, jam and jelly and sells them to grocery retailers and food service customers in the United States and Canada.
Sterile products produced by the company include cheese sauces and puddings.
Other products produced by the company include pie fillings, desserts and baked goods.
North American retail-North American retail grocery department sells branded and private label products to customers in the United States and Canada.
These products include non-
Milk powder; sweeteners;
Broth and gravy.
Salad sauces and sauces that are refrigerated and shelf stable; mayonnaise;
Pickles and related products;
Mexican, barbecue and other sauces;
Table and flavored syrup;
Jam, honey, jelly and pie stuffing;
Sterile products; liquid non-dairy creamer;
Powder beverage;
Provide hot drinks; specialty teas; ready-to-
Eat hot cereal;
Baking and mixing of powder;
Macaroni and Cheesepasta;
Dinner; in-
Bakery products in stores;
Refrigerated dough;
Baked waffles, pancakes and French toast;
Biscuits, pretzels, pita fries and sweets, as well as nuts, bars, trail mixes, cereal snack mixes, fruit snacks, dried fruits and other healthy snacks.
Food away from home for sale
Milk powder; sweeteners;
Pickles and related products;
Mexican cuisine, barbecue and other sauces, table and flavored syrup.
It also provides refrigerated and shelf-stable dressings; mayonnaise;
Sterile products; ready-to-
Eat hot cereal; pasta;
Retail of baked goods;
Cookies, pretzels and sweets;
Powder drinks and single-point beverages provide hot drinks to catering service customers, including chain restaurants and food distribution companies in the United States and Canada.
Cooperation between the industrial and export sectors, including companies
Packaged Business and non
Sales of dairy powder Creamer to industrial customers for industrial applications, including partially controlled products repackaged in packaging, as well as products used as ingredients by other food manufacturers.
The main sales of this segment
Milk powder;
Baking and mixing of powder;
Pickles and related products;
Salad sauce for cold storage and shelf stability;
Mexican and barbecue sauce;
Sterile products; ready-to-
Eat hot cereal;
Powder beverage;
Provide hot drinks; specialty teas; pasta;
Baked waffles, pancakes and French toast;
Cookies, pretzels and sweets;
Snacks, nuts and other products.
Its export sales are mainly industrial customers outside North America.
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