Woolworths and Coles have taken over Australians’ lives

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Get a personal loan when you shop for your restaurant, not just food.
Source: a long time ago you strolled down the supermarket aisle and picked up groceries for the week.
But it\'s not enough for Coles and Woolworth who want to increase their wallet share.
The tentacles of these two supermarket giants have extended to all aspects of your life, far beyond the scope of milk and bread.
Coles wants to be your bank.
How many do Coles and Woolies have?
When it comes to the jingle of the trolley, both Coles and Woolworths are in your business (
No, I don\'t like this song)
In addition to going straight, it runs away in every direction.
According to the Roy Morgan analysis released in February, the market share of Coles and Woolworth was 72.
In the $82 billion grocery sector.
While Coles seems to have gained momentum after spending millions of dollars on airwaves to put \"down\" ads over the past few years, Woolworths actually took the lead at 39 cents. Coles has 33. 5 per cent.
Ambassador Curtis Stone
Source: in addition to the total grocery sales, the Australian news group now also receives more direct revenue from you through an active private label strategy (
Commonly known as home brand)
This is a game plan borrowed directly from British brands, including Tesco.
A 2012 report from IBISWorld predicts that private label goods will account for all supermarket sales by 2018, up from 13.
In 2008, 5% per cent.
German discount supermarket Aldi has grown steadily from 2.
From 9 to 10 per cent in December 2005.
By the end of 2013, it was 3%.
There are 9 IGA supermarkets in Metcash.
The share of \"other\" supermarkets dropped sharply from 14. 1 to 7.
7 per cent in eight years.
A few years ago, our roads and highways were filled with gas stations, which had brands of fuel giants --
Shell, Mobil, Mercedes, BP-
Or independent.
But now, after Coles acquired the Shell retail store in 2003, gasoline has just become another aspect of grocery games, followed by the announcement of a joint venture with cal. 7-
Later, Mobil acquired the retail business of Mobil.
Wool and Coke are no longer allowed to give you more than 4 cents per liter of gas if related to grocery shopping.
According to ACCC, Woolworth and Coles of the Australian news group account for almost half of our retail gasoline market.
The market share of each supermarket is 24.
Although there seems to be no cheap gasoline.
Being smarter for shoppers with a substantial discount of 45 cents per liter is a major concern for the competition regulator, which ruled that when it comes to grocery purchases, the discount for the two groups cannot exceed 4 cents.
ACCC said for a long time
The long-term health of the gasoline market is threatened and may lead to higher prices.
LIQUORThe supermarket has a huge interest in alcohol sales in Australia and uses their strength in groceries to get you into their bottle store with a discounted shopping list.
BWS, Cellarmasters, Dan Murphy, and Langton\'s.
They\'re all owned by Woolworth.
According to data quoted by The McCusker Alcohol and Youth Action Center as IBISWorld, Woolworths accounts for nearly all alcohol retail sales in Australia.
As of 2013, Woolworth operates 1,355 liquor stores nationwide.
Woolworths accounts for nearly 40 of Australian liquor retail sales.
Source: News Limited in addition to this, Woolies also holds a 75 stake in the Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group, which controls investments in more than 460 liquor stores including clubs, bars and bottle shops
The venues have about 12,000 pokie machines nationwide, a huge profit driver for businesses.
Although the market share in this area is small, cols\'s parent company, Wesfarmers, still accounts for the share of the national liquor market.
It has more than 630 Liquorland specialty stores, as well as dozens of vintage wine cellars and preferred liquor.
In addition, there are dozens of private branded wines and beers in both companies
It\'s just that you never know
Unlike private label items on supermarket shelves labeled \"Coles Finest\" or \"Woolworths Select\", their alcoholic products are clearly missing from Coles or Woolworths on the label
Any of the brands owned include Cradle Bay, Bay Estate, Oak Lane, Iron Hill and Island.
Take a look at this website for the rest of the time.
Both Coles and Woolworths have been in the insurance business for a while.
Since the beginning of last year, coles\'s \"Little Red quote\" ads have been infuriating anyone, and its insurance products were launched in 2010.
It now has 350,000 customers.
Coles\'s offer is covered by Wesfarmers Insurance, which has just been sold for billions of dollars.
Woolworth has been in the business since 2011.
But the most interesting thing about supermarkets in insurance games is that they are able to take advantage of the consumer data collected through the loyalty rewards program to provide them with insurance.
According to reports, a local data company in order to strengthen its expertise in this field, Woolies even fell $20 million.
According to AdNews, Penny Winn, a Woolworth executive, said at a media industry event last year: \"What we can do is to use our insurance company\'s car accident database, overwrite it with our Woolworth reward database.
\"Because you see, compared to customers who eat a lot of pasta and rice, the risk of car insurance for customers who drink a lot of milk and eat a lot of red meat is very, very high, come on at night and drink spirits.
This means that we are able to customize an insurance for those really good insurance risk customers and give them a good deal through direct channels rather than the ones above --the-line [advertising].
It helps to avoid bad insurance risks.
\"It means what you do in a certain area of your life --
Grocery shopping-
It\'s entirely possible to have something to do with other things.
If you don\'t really understand why your insurance policy is more expensive than your neighbor.
Maybe you didn\'t buy enough red meat from wool?
John, the boss of financecoes, was a monthly year for the British supermarket Safeway Durkan.
Coles announced yesterday that it would move into the financial services sector.
In other words, it wants to be your bank.
It has issued 400,000 Coles credit cards since 2010, but now in a joint venture with GE Capital, you will be able to get a wider range of financial products from 2015, such
Coles said it would provide additional rewards to its bank customers, such as offering discounted groceries to people who sign up with Flybuys or other products of the company.
The move is another in the UK\'s supermarkets.
The supermarket and Tesco have had banking since 1997.
Both supermarkets may be ramping up ideas from the UK as their ranks of executives are infiltrated by experienced executives from UK companies.
Coles\'s new boss, John Durkan, has worked in the UK\'s outfit way for 17 years, while Woolies\' chief Tjeerd Jegen works with Tesco in Asia.
Matt Levey told news, director of selection for the campaign. com.
Coles\'s expansion into the financial sector is not necessarily a bad thing for consumers.
\"There are four big players in the banking market, and if we see the supermarket come in and shake it, it will be of great benefit,\" he said.
\"It\'s all about how good these products will be.
You may get a supermarket product because it has something to do with the reward program.
Our suggestion is not to distort these decisions because you may have to change your shopping habits to pursue discounts.
\"It\'s not necessarily a bad thing, but be vigilant.
A spokeswoman for Woolworth told the news. com.
Because the company\'s strategy is open, it sees itself as a retail group.
Jon Church, a spokesman for Coles, said: \"Our core business is retail, mainly food retailers.
Other elements are built around this because they bring value and choice to customers.
The customer decides the business development of Coles and we don\'t sell if they don\'t buy the product.
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